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“And through the glass walls of the lift, as it rushed along, they caught glimpses of strange and wonderful things going on…”

— Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Glass Elevator, as the name suggests, tries to bring together a variety of perspectives and experiences to the metaphorical table, for a conversation on various social, political and cultural issues. We believe in creating an open space for debate, and encourage feedback and discussions among the writers and our readers. 

TGE is run by a group of individuals with diverse interests. Each author is expressing their own view and all other writers do not necessarily subscribe to the same views. 

Thanks for your support and read on!

We can be contacted at dahlsglasselevator@gmail.com.

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IMG_20150302_215128Asnah Anver

Asnah is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka where she has worked in the field of development and is presently studying for an MA in English Studies. she is interested in issues of gender, media and culture studies and all kinds of discursive identities. She spent three years in Delhi studying English, and conflict transformation and peace building on the side. 



A graduate of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Avanika is currently pursuing a Masters in English from Delhi University. She divides her free time between writing fan-fiction and paper-cutting, and is interested in films, popular culture, gender theory, young adult fantasy/dystopian fiction, and the Hindi language.

Gurmat Kaur Randhawa

Journalism grad turned lawyer-in-the-making, Gurmat enjoys reading, workplace comedies, pop culture and knowing everything about everything.


Mihir ChoughuleDSC01958

Mihir Choughule is reading Economics at the London School of Economics. When he is not doing everything in his power to avoid work, you can usually find him in front of his laptop. His interests include sports, films, literature and popular culture.

Prashanthi Subramaniam1794672_10152224963221278_866561972_n

Prashanthi Subramaniam is an idea-tinkerer (yes she made that up. It’s totally legit) moonlighting as a communications consultant with the United Nations. Among other things, social construction of technology, issues of human rights, sustainability, ICT4D and social innovation make her curious. She loves banana bread, movie nights, water cooler conversations, making music with others, and playing devil’s advocate. Prashanthi holds a Master’s in Media and Communications from the LSE, a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Lady Shri Ram College and is currently based in Bangkok. Go ahead and tweet her @prashanthi05 !

Roshini Suparna DiwakarDSC00886

Roshini Suparna Diwakar is a Freelance Qualitative Researcher. She has a Masters degree from LSE, and Bachelor’s degree and Diploma from Lady Shri Ram College. She enjoys writing, reading, and feminist “rants”. She is also a self-proclaimed dragon warrior.

Vrinda Loiwal1269773_10201211167454320_1323716066_o

Vrinda is a psychology undergrad, and a do-er. As a Gandhi Fellow, she worked with government schools in rural Rajasthan, India for two years. Diversity excites her, and being enterprising keeps her happy. She’s currently pursuing a Masters in Education at Harvard University. 




Anubha Sarkar11902531_10153581047234805_568299156909592820_n

Anubha Sarkar is currently pursuing an MA in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. She acknowledges that her choice of programme is unheard of and elicits confused expressions from everyone. But she would rather be different, quirky and a maverick, than already tread a beaten path.

Barkha ShardaIMG-20151211-WA0016

Barkha Sharda currently teaches at St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Goa. She is interested in the fields of gender, sexuality, women and development among others. She holds an MPhil. in Development Studies from TISS, Bombay, an MA in Social Work from Delhi University and a BA Hons. in History from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.


Jonaki Ray

Jona studied Chemistry and Computer Science, then returned to her first love, English. Her writing has been published at several journals and newspapers, and in Spring 2016, she was a writer in residence at Joya:AIR, an inter-disciplinary residency program at Spain.


Kim van Kastel

Kim van Kastel is a Dutch student of the international master Global Studies Programme (GSP), which is coordinated between Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Cape Town University, and Jawaharlal Nehru University. In 2012-2013 Kim finished a six month exchange programme at Delhi School of Economics (Delhi University). She has a keen interest in gender studies, political philosophy and South Asia studies. In her spare time she enjoys drinking chai, travelling and any type of dancing.

Manasa PV11020333_10155288837520305_1198903817_n

Manasa has completed her Bachelor’s in Media Studies from MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai, and pursued her Masters in Gender, Media and Culture from the London School of Economics. She is particularly interested in studying the intersection of Human Rights, State, Private and Public spaces and in furthering her knowledge of the metastatic discourse on gender and sexuality in India derived from various interstices. She sings classical and western music, writes theater scripts and acts in her free time.

Mouli Banerjeephoto for glass elevator

Mouli Banerjee is currently a legislative and policy research assistant under the LAMP Fellowship and with a post-graduate degree in English Literature, now wants to venture into the world of public policy. As is evident, she is perhaps fundamentally confused, but hopefully in a good way. When not dying under the piles of boring government documents, she occasionally writes poetry and fiction and enjoys boring people with her opinion on random things. The only thing Roshini cannot perhaps appreciate in her is Mouli’s love for cats, but that’s just Roshini’s bad, ‘cause, cats and Mouli are both pretty  awesome.

Nikita Audichya394983_10151255387966530_665394911_n

Nikita is currently pursuing her PhD in Gender and Labour from JNU, and teaching in St.Stephen’s College. When not cribbing about ad-hocism in jobs and getting up early in the morning, she can be found ranting absurdities on social media and in classrooms. The Glass Elevator is a medium through which Nikita hopes she may give her rants a more meaningful direction and spare the people around her.

Nitisha Tripathi45704_10151674076804792_54717332_n

Nitisha is a lawyer from IP University (Amity), Delhi. Currently, other than doing everything except practice law, she is working as a Legal and Political Researcher for Senior Journalist Mr.Vir Sanghvi at NewsX. When she is not questioning everything fundamental to life, she enjoys reading anything and everything, dancing and films.

Nupur Mishra10575186_10152680525909320_2782538326186587953_o

Nupur Mishra completed her Bachelor’s degree from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, in Political Science. She went on to do her Masters in International Relations from the University of Sussex. She currently works at the WISH Foundation and aspires to work for the Government someday. Amidst all this, it is her passion for dance that keeps her going.


WhatsApp Image 2018-06-02 at 21.17.08Pallavi Ramanathan

Pallavi Ramanathan is a student of psychology currently working towards her PhD. She has worked with women and children in the field and many of her insights emerge from there. Aside from psychology, her world includes plenty of dogs, music, travel, and sleep!

Proper picture

 Prannay Pathak

Prannay Pathak is currently in his Masters in English Literature from DU. He likes to write and is also an aspiring actor. His life revolves around puns and photography and The Catcher in the Rye remains his favourite book.
11709642_10153526737729602_4949857167807364294_nRushil Prakash
Rushil is a food-loving feminist, who graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, and worked as an investment banker, before switching to the development sector. These days, she is spending her time triathlon-training, and travelling across India and South-East Asia, before heading to study at Stanford in a few months.


A special shout-out to Vinay Varanasi for designing our logo.


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